11 American Made Watches That Are Worth Your Money in 2023

11 American Made Watches That Are Worth Your Money in 2023

In the world of horology, American made watches stand as a testament to craftsmanship, innovation, and a rich legacy of precision timekeeping. With a history rooted in the heart of American industry, these watches not only tell time but also tell a compelling story of dedication to quality and a commitment to excellence.

Join us on a journey through the world of American made watches, where history, heritage, and innovation converge to create timepieces that are as timeless as the country that inspires them.

Best American Made Watches

11. Vortic

Vortic is a young and innovative American watch brand that has made a name for itself by blending vintage aesthetics with modern technology. The company is based in Fort Collins, Colorado, and is known for its unique approach to watchmaking. Vortic specializes in converting antique pocket watch movements into wristwatches, giving new life to vintage timepieces.

What sets Vortic apart is their dedication to preserving American watchmaking heritage. They source antique American pocket watch movements, which are often beautifully crafted and intricate, and transform them into stunning wristwatches. Each Vortic watch is a one-of-a-kind piece, showcasing the history and craftsmanship of American horology.

10. Dufrane

Dufrane is a Texas-based watch company that embodies the spirit of rugged, American adventure. Their timepieces are designed to withstand the harshest conditions, making them ideal companions for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.

Dufrane's watches are known for their robust build quality and reliable Swiss automatic movements. The brand's signature watch, the Dufrane Waterloo, pays homage to the historic battle and exudes a vintage military aesthetic. With a focus on durability and functionality, Dufrane watches are built to last, making them perfect for those who value both style and substance.

9. Kobold

Kobold is a luxury American watch brand founded by Michael Kobold. Known for its precision and craftsmanship, KOBOLD produces high-end watches with Swiss movements. While the movements themselves are Swiss, the brand's commitment to quality and design is distinctly American.

One of KOBOLD's standout models is the KOBOLD Polar Surveyor, a watch that's been used in Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. These timepieces are not only functional but also luxurious, combining the beauty of American design with Swiss watchmaking expertise.

8. Devon Works

Devon Works is a California-based company that has pushed the boundaries of traditional watch design. They are known for their innovative and futuristic timepieces, often characterized by unique displays and cutting-edge technology.

One of their most iconic creations is the DEVON Tread 1, which features a patented belt-driven timekeeping system. It's a remarkable fusion of art and engineering, and it's no surprise that it has garnered attention worldwide. DEVON WORKS watches are a testament to American innovation and creativity in the world of horology.

7. RGM

RGM, short for Roland G. Murphy, is a Pennsylvania-based watch company that specializes in handcrafted, high-quality timepieces. Roland Murphy is a master watchmaker who creates watches inspired by classic American designs and craftsmanship.

One of RGM's notable achievements is producing their in-house movements, a rarity among American watchmakers. The company's American made movements are a testament to their dedication to reviving American watchmaking traditions. RGM watches often feature classic designs with intricate dial work and meticulous attention to detail.

6. Undone

Undone is a customizable watch brand headquartered in California. What sets Undone apart is its emphasis on personalization. They offer a wide range of customizable options, allowing customers to design their unique timepieces.

Undone's approach to watchmaking is modern and consumer-oriented. They provide a platform for watch enthusiasts to create watches that reflect their style and preferences. This level of customization makes Undone a standout in the American watchmaking landscape, appealing to those who seek a personal connection with their timepieces.

5. Pelton

Pelton is a small American watch brand that focuses on crafting elegant and minimalistic watches. Based in Seattle, Washington, Pelton takes pride in its commitment to quality materials and craftsmanship.

Pelton watches are known for their clean, Bauhaus-inspired designs and attention to detail. These timepieces exemplify simplicity and sophistication, making them suitable for both formal occasions and everyday wear. The brand's dedication to minimalism and precision echoes the timeless design principles of American modernism.

4. Fossil

Fossil, headquartered in Richardson, Texas, is a well-known American brand that combines fashion-forward design with functionality. While Fossil watches may include components sourced from around the world, their American heritage and commitment to stylish, affordable timepieces have made them a popular choice for consumers looking for accessible luxury.

3. Bulova

Bulova is a well-established American watch brand with a history dating back to 1875. Based in New York City, Bulova is known for its innovation in watchmaking, having introduced the world to the first electronic watch and the first fully electronic watch.

Bulova's iconic Accutron, known for its humming electronic tuning fork movement, remains a symbol of American horological achievement. The brand continues to produce a wide range of high-quality timepieces, from classic dress watches to modern sports watches, all infused with a sense of American heritage and innovation.

2. Timex

Timex is a household name in the world of watches. This American brand has been producing affordable and reliable timepieces for over 160 years. Timex watches are known for their durability and timeless design.

From the legendary Timex Weekender to their Ironman series, Timex offers a watch for every occasion and lifestyle. The brand's commitment to affordability and functionality has made it a favorite among watch enthusiasts and everyday wearers alike. Timex exemplifies American accessibility and practicality in watchmaking.

1. Hamilton

Topping our list of the best American made watches is Hamilton. Founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Hamilton is a renowned American watch brand that has played a significant role in shaping the history of horology.

Hamilton is known for its classic and versatile timepieces that effortlessly blend American heritage with Swiss precision. The brand's watches have made appearances in over 500 films, earning them the title of "The Movie Brand." From the iconic Hamilton Khaki Field to the elegant Jazzmaster collection, Hamilton offers a wide range of watches that cater to various tastes and preferences.

Hamilton's commitment to quality, innovation, and timeless design has solidified its place as one of the most respected and beloved American watch brands. Its legacy in the world of horology continues to thrive, making it a true symbol of American watchmaking excellence.

Celebrating American Craftsmanship - The Timeless Appeal of American Made Watches

As we conclude this exploration of American made watches, it's evident that these timepieces are more than mere accessories; they're expressions of American identity and values. They remind us of the importance of craftsmanship, quality, and heritage in a fast-paced world. Whether you're drawn to the elegance of a vintage-inspired piece or the cutting-edge technology of a modern marvel, these American made watches are timeless companions that will continue to tick, faithfully measuring the moments in our lives for generations to come. So, wear one proudly on your wrist, and celebrate the enduring legacy of American craftsmanship every day.



1. Are American watches any good?

American watches have a rich history of quality craftsmanship and innovation. While they may not be as prevalent as Swiss watches in the luxury market, American watch brands like Hamilton, Bulova, and RGM have established themselves as reputable and respected manufacturers. These brands produce high-quality timepieces known for their precision, durability, and distinctive designs. So, yes, American watches can be exceptionally good, and they cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

2. Which country made the best watches?

The title of the "best" watch-producing country often depends on individual preferences and criteria. Switzerland is renowned for its long-standing tradition of watchmaking excellence, and Swiss watches are widely regarded for their precision, craftsmanship, and luxury. Switzerland has dominated the global watch industry for centuries and is home to many prestigious brands.

However, other countries also excel in watchmaking. Japan, for instance, is celebrated for its technological innovations and precision in watch production, with brands like Seiko and Citizen earning international acclaim. Germany, known for brands like A. Lange & Söhne and Nomos Glashütte, has a reputation for impeccable engineering and meticulous craftsmanship. American watch brands, as discussed earlier, have their unique qualities and contribute significantly to the world of horology.

Ultimately, the "best" watch is a subjective matter, and it depends on factors such as personal style, budget, and the specific qualities you value in a timepiece.

3. What is the #1 watch company?

It's challenging to designate a single watch company as the absolute "#1" because the watch industry is diverse, and preferences vary widely. Several watch companies are highly regarded and often considered among the best, depending on different criteria.

Rolex is often recognized as one of the most iconic and influential watch brands globally, known for its craftsmanship, reliability, and timeless design. Other Swiss luxury brands like Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Omega also enjoy top-tier status in the industry.

In terms of global market share and recognition, Apple has made significant strides in the smartwatch category, with its Apple Watch becoming immensely popular.

However, it's essential to remember that what makes a watch "the best" can be subjective and depends on individual tastes, budgets, and the specific purposes the watch serves. There are numerous excellent watch companies worldwide, each with its strengths and appeal.


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